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If you are looking for advice to help you market or invest in commodities, you have come to the right place!

Since 1979, Market Consultants has been providing advice to multi-billion dollar corporations, farmers both large and small, commodity investors, and bankers.

Anyone who deals with commodities can use this type information.
Our expertise is in the following areas:

1.  Feeder cattle              10.  Wheat                              19. Sugar

2.  Live cattle                   11.  Corn                                 20.  Cotton

3.  Lean hogs                   12.  Oats                                  21.  Coffee
4.  Pork bellies                 13.  T-bonds                           22.  Cocoa
5.  Lumber                       14.  Dow Jones Index          23.  Interest Rates

6.  S&Ps                           15.  Crude light                      24.  Stock Market

7.  Soybeans                   16.  High Grade Copper       25.  Economic Forecasts

8.  Soybean oil                 17.  Comex Gold                    26.  Farm Economy

9.  Soybean meal             18.  Comex Silver         

From time to time we will add to this list as the need arises.

In 1979 we began by being a Personal Consultant to some very large corporations. They paid us a monthly fee of $1,250.00 to provide them with daily advice concerning marketing their commodities or trading in the futures markets.

The demand became so great that we started publishing this information in newsletter form for a subscription price. Within less than four years our circulation had grown to over 35,000!

We have been featured in several national magazines. Our advice went to as many as 500,000 readers on each occasion.

After being swamped with requests to provide recommendations concerning commodity investments, we started publishing several services with that purpose in mind.

Our unique marketing techniques have helped many realize that success is within their grasps.
Before you leave this site, make sure to sign up for a free trial subscription.  See if you don't agree with thousands of others that Market Consultants is the most trusted advisory service available.

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Roger Grubbs
Market Consultants
P O Box 787
Millsboro, DE  19966-0787

"The Futures - Plain and Simple" by Roger D. Grubbs

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