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New & improved E-Service on the web!

Roger Grubbs’

Technical Report

Welcome to a very exciting addition to our line of Commodity Advisory Services.  We believe you will find this Technical Report to be one of our finest.  In fact, for many of you, it will be the very best strategy we have ever offered to help you stay on top of each commodity - and it is affordable, too!  With the click of a button, you will have everything you need right in front of you.  No more recordings, no more waiting for a newsletter in the mail.  Just key in the password we supply to you by email, and you are in.  It is fast, reliable, and just what you need.

Every service we offer has its own unique purpose and each has proven to be very valuable to our clients.  However, Roger Grubbs' Technical Report has something more to offer and may be exactly what you have been looking for. This new and improved E-service is on the cutting edge.

Many of our subscribers have voiced an interest in several specific commodities.  We attempted to steer those clients to the service that could best fill that particular interest.  However, some prefer to track certain commodities all the time.  While we try to recommend commodities that hold the most promise, there are times when we are looking at some that are of no interest to you.  This could leave you uncertain about a particular commodity that is not listed in our recommendations.

With Roger Grubbs' Technical Report we will list each commodity every day with the trend and technical remarks.  You can then make your decision about what you want to do with each commodity that is of interest to you.  We will help you with the support levels, where the last buy signal or sell signal occurred, and the overall trend.

We will alert you as to specific warnings that may be important.  For instance, sometime back one of our clients on the Personal Consulting Program was heavily long soybeans with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.  Even though the trend was still up, prices had hit $11.00.  This was followed by extremely volatile trading.  We warned of a top, and sales were accomplished at $10.55!  A few days later the market had dropped below $7.00!  It goes without saying that the client and his banker were very happy with our warning.  That's the type of information you'll learn to expect to receive from Roger Grubbs' Technical Report.

Each commodity will be highlighted with specific technical information, along with warnings as needed.  Support levels will be provided so you can decide when and where stops are preferred!  You can design your own personal trading techniques.  With this greater flexibility, you will have more control over how much you invest and how quickly you want that account to grow.  We will help steer you in the right direction and provide important information that won't be available through any other service at this price.

From time to time the list of commodities will increase to include new markets that may be of interest to our clients.  Your input will be valuable in determining which commodities need to   be added.  Of course we will have to study the markets for some time in order to provide you with our expert opinion.  Some markets will be easier to add than others.  So, all we ask is your patience.  We want to be ready before that particular commodity is added.  This way you'll get the best we have to offer!

            Since 1979 Market Consultants has provided information through our Personal Consulting Program for a fee of $1,250 per month.  Those large corporations were happy to pay us $15,000 per year, but we were limited as to the number of clients we could handle under this program.

            This led to a need for Roger Grubbs' Personal Report, Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader, and Roger Grubbs' Commodity Advisory Service.  And, now we have combined all our technical knowledge into one service - Roger Grubbs' Technical Report.  As a new subscriber you are eligible to receive this daily update on our website for only $500.  That's 50% off the full price of $1,000 per year!  If you prefer, you can take advantage of our six (6) month trial offer for only $250!  You'll receive the same information with a lower initial cost, but you'll save more with the full year subscription. 

            To take advantage of this special offer, just fill out the order form below.  Send this, along with your check for the appropriate amount to Market Consultants, P.O. Box 787, Millsboro, DE  19966-0787.

Your subscription to Roger Grubbs' Technical Report will begin immediately.

            Subscribe today and see if you agree with us that the new and improved Roger Grubbs' Technical Report is one of the finest services we have ever offered!

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