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Personal Consulting

Our company began in 1979 by providing daily advice through a personal conversation each morning, usually with the Vice President of a large corporation. For that 10 minute conversation, the price was $1,250 per month.

There was a limit on the number of clients we could handle through this program which quickly filled up. Occasionally, we do have an opening. So, you may want to inquire.

If you subscribe to this service you can expect to receive a phone call each morning before the markets open. I will make recommendations and give you my forecast for the markets. If you are holding a large inventory and we expect a market top, you can hedge or move out the product. The same goes for a bottom. You can buy the futures or pull in supplies.

For those who strictly trade the futures, I will give you an overall analysis of what I expect. You’ll be able to ask any question needed to carry out your marketing or investment decisions.

To get on the waiting list for this particular service, contact our office @ 302/549-1039. As soon as there is an opening, you will be notified. Until then, we have many services available for your consideration. Just return to the home page and make your selection.

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