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Our development team at Market Consultants is constantly seeking ways to better serve your marketing needs.  It's because of that commitment several of our services are being combined in an effort to provide more of what you need, when you need it.

We are pleased to announce that subscribers to Market Consultants' Agricultural Newsletter will now be receiving the same information as in the past on the first of every month along with additional information through daily updates that you will find to be extremely valuable in your overall marketing decisions.  These updates will be provided on the web for your viewing at the end of each business day.

Subscribers to Market Consultants' Cash Marketing Report will continue receiving the same valuable information as in the past along with lots of additional information but under a different name, Market Consultants' Agricultural Newsletter.  Subscribers to the Agricultural Newsletter will also receive the enhanced Daily Updates on the web which you will find to be very helpful in your marketing decisions.  In addition to this, fertilizer ingredients will be added.

All these steps are being taken to insure that our clients have the best information possible to help in making those important marketing decisions.  This is one way we can show our appreciation for your past business, so please take a few moments to consider the advantages of these new and improved services.

New and Improved E-Service on the Web!

Market Consultants' 
Agricultural Newsletter ®

Would you like to trade $59.00 for $30,000? Sure you would! That is what you could have done if you had subscribed to Market Consultants’ Agricultural Newsletter in the fall of 1980.

If you had followed the market advice in the November issue, you would have sold soybeans for $10.17 to be delivered in May 1981. We know because one of our customers did. Since that time, the company has made many other important recommendations.

So why are we telling you all of this? It is because we have decided to combine our forces at Market Consultants to put together the best newsletter on the market. That sounds like a big task, but just look at our qualifications. Market Consultants has had as clients some very large, well-known corporations. We have also had clients in the livestock enterprises. Market Consultants has been paid monthly fees of $1,250 for market advice.

Why do we tell you this? It is because we want you to know that Market Consultants is well qualified to help you. Since 1979, Market Consultants has been someone you can depend on. We are constantly seeking ways to improve your life. Our staff has put a lot of time and effort into the development of a product called Market Consultants’ Agricultural Newsletter.

Just what can our Agricultural Newsletter do for you? Each month this agricultural newsletter will be available to thousands of farmers and related businessmen right here on this website. Through this letter along with Daily Updates, we can keep you informed well in advance of what to look for in the marketplace.

You can use this information to spot our warning signs. It gives you everything you need to make the proper marketing decisions. Below is a good example of how it works.

Through its newsletters in the fall of 1980, Market Consultants warned customers, months beforehand, of a collapse in the grain markets. These customers had plenty of time to sell while prices were still good and everybody wanted to buy.

Sound too good to be true? Those newsletters are on file as well as in the hands of thousands of farmers, validating Market Consultants abilities and integrity.

Just what does all of this mean to you? Well, you probably do not farm just for the fun of it. And, you would like to be one of the best farmers around. As with any businessman, you would also like to make more money for your efforts – that is where we can help.

With Market Consultants, you will have access to our expertise in every area of the agricultural industry. We understand your needs. You labor all year to produce a crop. Once it is sold, you do not have another opportunity to make that decision until next year.

That leads us to the next point. Our newsletters make long-range forecasts while other advisors change their minds every week. You get only one chance to sell your product; then, it belongs to someone else. If you were advised to sell during one week, what good would it do to tell you to hold up during the next? Too late, isn’t it?

Our goal is to help you spot good buying and selling opportunities. By doing so, you can run a more profitable enterprise.

What about the $30,000 we mentioned? If you had sold 10,000 bushels of soybeans at $10, your income would have been $30,000 higher than if you had sold at prices only a few months later.

Will it happen again? You bet! In 1983, Market Consultants advised selling soybeans as high as $9.70. A few weeks later, prices had plummeted below $7. In 1984, we recommended selling at $9; this market declined below $5 before finding a bottom. In 1988, purchases were made close to $4.50, and then came a drought. Profits were taken, cash beans were sold, and short positions were placed in the futures market at $10.55. The exact high was $11.00!! The collapse followed. Numerous useful recommendations have been given since that time.

When soybean prices exploded, we were buying near $4.18. Sales were accomplished as high as $10.35 and the top was $10.64!

How can we offer you this newsletter at $59.00 for 12 issues and daily updates? We can’t, but the $59.00 will help cover our costs. After you have read our newsletter and daily updates for one year, we are confident that you will renew your subscription at the regular rate which is how we make a profit.

So, take advantage of this offer. To do so, you may return the enclosed order form below.  If you prefer, click on the "HOME" page.  At the top of the page you will find a link to our new webiste.  There you can submit payment through a secure site using Paypal, debit, or credit card.  In addition, "Special Offers" will also be available.
Thank you,
Roger Grubbs

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