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Breaking News! 
Your Market Edge and Roger Grubbs' Market Update are being combined to form a new and improved service.  As an added bonus, the Daily Market Advisory Service will be included in this package.
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Your Market Edge ®

            By combining our resources, we have been able to develop a newsletter to bring you more of what you need to run a more profitable enterprise.  We now have access to information that will keep us abreast of important developments worldwide.  We can report that information to you immediately so you can initiate your marketing decisions before the rest of the crowd jumps in.  You'll find this information on the front page, where it should be.

One of your greatest concerns is large trends; and Market Consultants has become famous for its forecasts.  We are placing items to watch under each topic for you to use every week as a guide in your planning.  This information will provide early clues so you can take your positions before it's too late.

Two full pages of Your Market Edge are devoted to current market information.  We give you the facts and then provide the recommendations that Market Consultants is famous for.  You will also find very useful recommendations for each commodity.  An arrow will show you the current trend at a glance.  The last major move's high and low plus current prices are recorded there.  Use this for a quick reference each week as to what is going on in the marketplace.

The final page of Your Market Edge is reserved for technical information.  Check each section to find out what our positions are and how that may affect the way you farm in the future.  In addition, a section is reserved for charts.  We will provide important tips to help you make more and keep more of your income through trend watching.

We believe you will agree that our new and improved Your Market Edge will help increase your income every year.  This service includes a four (4) page weekly newsletter - 50 issues per year - and The Daily Market Advisory Service.  A bargain at only $159 per year.  

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