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Free Trial

Services currently available for "free trial":

Roger Grubbs' Technical Report

 Your Market Edge®

Market Consultants' Agricultural Newsletter®


(Limit of one "free trial" per service per household.)

1.  Click on the blue button below to receive a free trial of one of our services.  This will send you to the "Contact us" page. ** 

2.  Fill in the your information. 

3.  In the comment section type in:  "free trial of name of service"

              (Example:  "free trial of  Technical Report")

4.  Submit. 

5.  The log in and password will be sent to you by email.

If you are a current subscriber and wish to convert your subscription to E-service, follow the above instructions.  However, in the comment section, type in "Name of service to E-service."  (Example:  "Technical Report to E-service")  The log in and password will be forwarded to you by email.  Upon your conversion, your service will be extended one full month.

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** Free trial subscriptions are limited to certain E-Services.

Limit of one "free trial" per service per household.

Click: "E-Services" tab to see which services are currently available.  Check back frequently for updates.

Samples of trading newsletters will still be available through the mail.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 302/864-7130 or 302/549-1039.