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Roger Grubbs'
Ag Trader Phase II

Many of you already know, just over 19 years ago we launched Roger Grubbs'   Ag Trader.  Beginning with a modest investment of only $15,000, subscribers watched as one trade after another transformed that meager investment into a huge account.  Those profits now stand at $2,972,609 from 176 trades with only 2 losses for a total of $1,340.

This tremendous success has provided the funds needed to place substantial positions on, therefore, increasing those profits exponentially.  However, some that are just coming on may not have the capital required to carry such a large number of contracts.  Here is a solution.

Our development team has been working diligently to provide a way for subscribers to get in on the ground floor of a second phase of this amazing program.  The launch date was set, and beginning on May 1st, 2017 you were offered an opportunity to join this exciting new program at the low charter rate of $350 for an entire year.  That's a savings of 50% off the full price of $700!  And, if you choose to receive this information on the web, there is an additional savings of $100.  That's right!  Charter subscribers will only pay $250 to access these recommendations on the web.

With commodities, timing is everything and we want you to be there in the very beginning of Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader Phase II.  While past performance cannot guarantee future results, we promise to do our best to repeat this outstanding track record.  But, we want to point out that it's very important to come in as early as possible.  Once those profits begin to grow, we will be increasing the number of positions in an attempt to repeat the results of Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader with this new and exciting second phase.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to turn back the clock and enjoy the benefits of a trading program that's produced almost 3 million dollars in 19 years?  Well, we can't do that, but we can start a new journey on May 1st we did just that in an effort to repeat this success and hopefully watch those profits grow.

Once again we point out that while there was never a loosing year with Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader, this does not guarantee the second phase will repeat this performance.  Trading commodities can lead to substantial losses and only risk capital should be used concerning these investments.

However, if things go as planned, hopefully you will be happy with the results of this second phase.  Our goal is to keep risks as low as possible, especially in the beginning when it's the most important.  Once those profits begin to grow, there should be enough capital to take on larger positions and increase the speed at which the account grows.

As with its predecessor, Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader Phase II will only trade agricultural commodities, things you know best.  Currently there are several developments that have gotten our attention.  Grain prices are way too cheap and everybody seems to be bearish.  We've found that's the best time to watch for an opportunity to make purchases.  Once the markets begin to rally, it will be too late to get in on the ground floor.

If you are like many of our clients, Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader Phase II is exactly what you've been searching for.  Why not look over the enclosed material and see for yourself?  If you find this interesting, why not consider joining this new and exciting phase of commodity investing by getting in on the ground floor.In our expert opinion, these low prices won't be around for very long.  The weather, along with exports, can drastically change the outlook in a matter of weeks, even days.  There are several other markets that are poised to rally, while a few are close to forming a top.  The fact that we can trade commodities from the short side as well as the long side makes this avenue of investing even more attractive.

We are watching the markets daily and plan to begin sending out new recommendations any day now.  By subscribing to Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader Phase II, you will have access to this important advice right at the start.

Why not consider joining today and enjoy the benefits of the low charter rate?  More importantly you'll have the very first recommendations and hopefully embark on another exciting journey similar to the one that began some 18 years ago.

Joining this program is simple.  Just fill out the savings certificate below, mail this application, along with your check for $350 ($250 for web service) in the enclosed return envelop.  Your service will begin immediately.

Do it today and take advantage of the low charter rate.  We are waiting to hear from you.  Have a fantastic day.



 Roger Grubbs

Market Consultants

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Roger Grubbs' Ag Trader Phase II


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