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Roger Grubbs' 
Commodity Advisory Service

Would you like to trade $600 for $12,961? Sure you would! That is what you could have done if you had subscribed to Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service in June of 1999. Had you followed our recommendations from June 1st to October 14th, 1999, you would have made $12,961 in profits from a $5,000 commodity account. That account would have been worth $17,961 in just over four months. These profits came from 4 trades and only 1 contract per trade. There were no margin calls! Since that time several more profitable recommendations have been made and the account is still growing.
We have included a sample copy of Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service on this website. To view this sample, please click on the icon at the bottom of the page.  Trades at the top are the ones liquidated and totaled for each of the first 3 years. Total profits are listed along with losses for each year. This is followed by a listing of each trade liquidated so far that year.  The sample is an actual copy of Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service. It is the same newsletter that was mailed to our active subscribers at that time. That’s proof of its accuracy. Our subscribers have watched the profits accumulate each week and now you can view a copy of what they received.  Since that time, profits have continued to grow and now stand at $1,686,828!

Our company has had as clients some very large well-known corporations. They’ve paid us a monthly fee of $1,250 to advise them in their trading decisions. Clients included meat packers, grain dealers, and large farms. Why do we tell you this? It is because we want you to know we are well qualified to help you!

Just what can we do? Each day Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service is available to commodity traders all over the world.  It is through this publication that we keep you informed as to the trades we have recommended and the results of those trades. You will have access to daily updates on the web that will keep you up-to-date on our current recommendations. That information will be specific.  For instance we will say, “Go long April hogs on the opening tomorrow.” This trade will be given a number and will be referred to in our future updates. We will follow this trade until it is liquidated, and the profits or losses will be listed on the publication the following day.

For the first four years, this service experienced only one loss of $440 on trades taken off!  And, since the trades were small, it was easy to manage with little effort on the part of our subscribers. Sounds too good to be true? Those newsletters are on file, as well as in the hands of subscribers all over the United States and Canada, proving our ability and what we have said is true.   Now we have the ability to publish this information through our E-Service on the web.

Just what does all of this mean to you? If you trade commodities, you are attempting to make money with the least amount of risk possible. That is where we come in. We understand your needs. Since substantial losses can occur trading commodities, you need some guidance before taking positions.

This leads me to the next point. Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service is designed to pick the lowest risk trades we can find with the highest potential. You don’t want to tie up a lot of capital until you have made some profits.  And, at the same time, you want to make the kind of money that commodity trading offers.

A lot of services claim to get results, but with Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service there are no hidden trades.  An actual sample of the service itself is our best sale’s tool!  Can others offer you a sample and still get the order?  Most won’t even try!

Our purpose is to help you make profits from your commodity trading and not just sell you a subscription. By doing this you will want to renew this service year after year, and that’s where we make our money.

What about the $12,961 mentioned? That’s what you could have made following the recommendations in Roger Grubbs’ Commodity Advisory Service in just over four months! Will it happen again? That’s our goal.  Several commodities are now ready to make some major moves. Many are too high which is providing a good opportunity to sell. But, you must hurry before the move begins.

Subscribe today! Just return the order form below, along with your check in the amount of $600 to the appropriate address.  If you prefer, click on the "HOME" page.  At the top of the page you will find a link to our new webiste.  There you can submit payment through a secure site using Paypal, debit, or credit card.  In addition, "Special Offers" will also be available.

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